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Continue Your Sparkle

Summer is ending. You have pretty rosy cheeks and smooth bronze legs. You think to yourself if only this suntan would stay, but in time you will return to your former colour. Meanwhile you’ve got to regain the moisture your skin lost! In this way you will have extended the duration of your tan.

You want to keep the glow the sun has given you but you don’t know how to do it. In that case, follow our advice you can increase the duration of your tan by eating properly and effectively during the day and using the right products. Of course you also have to pay attention to your makeup.

You can look more tanned than you are with a slightly sparkling terracotta powder and blusher. But don’t forget to spread the products evenly over your face and neck. If you don’t, your makeup may appear very unnatural. If you have a dark skin and have added a tan we recommend you used glowing dusty rose tones for a blusher. These tones will give you a bright, vibrant look. If your tan continues we advise you not to use powder. Because your skin is dark in any case, powder may look like ‘cake’ on your skin. If you eventually lose your tan you can apply it lightly to the areas under your eyes and at the edge of your lips to eliminate the difference in colour. Coloured lip gloss will emphasise the tan on your face even more. White and pink glosses in particular will highlight your lips and bring out your tan.

Healthy eating prolongs the duration of the tan: You need to consume plenty of vegetables and fruit both while sunbathing and after sun. Carrots containing beta carotene will keep the tan on your skin even longer.

Drink plenty of water: Water increases blood circulation and enables the cells to gain moisture. That is why you should drink plenty of water during the day. Freshen up with a shower A refreshing shower revives your circulatory system and prevents your skin from drying up.

Give your sensitive skin extra moisture: You can choose body oils instead of body lotions to compensate for the loss of moisture in your skin due to the sun.

Cosmetic Support: If you think your skin is getting old developing technology along with medical solutions which can be injected can give you the skin texture you dream of. AquaShine is the most preferred injection which can be applied to the skin nonsurgically without incision. AquaShine is a kind of mesotherapy product. Research shows that a great number of people want to look younger naturally and dread the artificial look. They are also extremely worried about the incision scar, thought provoking in all cosmetic treatments. Providing the answer to all these problems, and without causing loss of time with its application in periodic sessions, AquaShine promises you a beautiful young, firm, glowing natural skin, free from wrinkles.