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Aqua Florya is at Boat Show 2017

CNR Eurasia Boat Show, being the biggest event and meeting point of the maritime industry in Turkey, is going to be held at CNR Expo Yeşilköy,in İstanbul on 11-19 February 2017.

Aqua Florya, being one of the few shopping centres that comes up in mind that is right next to the sea, has already taken its place at the Boat Show 2017. Futhermore, with surprises that are waiting for the Boat Show and Aqua Florya Shopping Centre visitors.

Boat Show 2017 is the biggest boat and yatch exhibition in Turkey, and the second biggest exhibition in the world that is held on land. It is followed by sea-lovers around the world where mega yatchs, best boats of their categories, all equipment and accesories of the maritime industry is exhibited. The Boat Show 2017 is expected to receive a lot of attention from its visitors.

If you would like to pass from the meeting point of the maritime industry, to an extraordinary athmosphere, Aqua Florya Shopping Centre- CNR Expo- İDO shuttle busses are completely free. Also, a 30% discount is given to Boat Show visitors at İstanbul Aquarium; the worlds biggest thematic aquarium which is located right next to Aqua Florya Shopping Centre.

For detailed information, drop by Aqua Florya stands at the Boat Show.

We are inviting all extraordinary sea lovers to Aqua Florya Shopping centre.