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Ten reasons to exercise!

Without doubt we need to exercise and consume nutritious foods in order to be healthier. It is usually our outward appearance which motivates us more easily but, particularly as we get older, our outward appearance changes. To reach the results we attained easily when we were young we have to work twice as hard and be doubly disciplined.

Herbalife Global Fitness Education Director, Samantha Clayton states that regular exercise has a great many benefits ranging from weight control to a radiant skin, a good posture and alleviation of aches and pains, relieving stress and increasing sleep quality.


when you exercise you increase the blood flow in your body. The radiance in your skin after exercising may not last the whole day, but after every exercise you can regain a more radiant appearance.


Exercise increases your body heat. As it returns to normal it will enable you to relax and be ready for sleep. And because activity will lower your stress level falling asleep at night will be easier.


If your joints have become more rigid from sitting all day long, more frequent movement will help to reduce this rigidity. Stationary joints become rigid. When you do regular exercise, your mobility will develop and you can be more mobile in daily life.


When you make exercise a part of your life, you can increase your lean muscle mass and be rid of your body fat. This will also help your body to become more ecient in burning calories.


Physical exercise makes you feel happier in your daily life. When you are active your body releases more endorphin and endorphin is the body’s natural happiness hormone. You can also be happy because you are taking better care of your body. This feeling of success generally makes you feel better.


Exercise will help you to maintain your weight loss by preventing you putting on excessive weight. Physical activity enables you to burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you lose.


Regular physical activity can increase your muscle strength and endurance. When you exercise, to help your cardiovascular system to perform better your body has to transport oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. When your heart and lungs work more eciently, you will have more energy.


Exercise will temporarily help you to keep daily stress at bay. Focusing on yourself will help diminish the feeling of stress. When it is considered that a great many people consume unhealthy foods to cope with stress, we can say that the decrease in stress level can support weight loss.


Starting sport can help you nd new friends or it can offer a healthier opportunity to forge new bonds with old friends. We usually go out to eat to socialise but to do sport is certainly a much better option for the waist line!


When you exercise regularly you become condent about your body and when you develop movement awareness, you will act more consciously as to what is right for your body, and being hunchbacked will be a thing of the past. More importantly a good posture will make you look taller.