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The Trend in 2017: A Healthy Diet

It is true that in line with new scientific findings we also need to update our understanding of nutrition. From first impressions, we can say that later on the principle of a healthy diet will become popular and stereotyped diet myths will die out.

Diets Including Healthy Fats Instead of Fat-free Diets

At one time we took all fats off our list without differentiating between the good and the bad. It seems that we made a great mistake. Our daily diet should comprise an average of 25-30 percent fat. Of course the fats we consume should be healthy, fat-burning fats. Healthy sources of fat such as raw nuts, walnuts, almonds, linseed, chia seed, avocado and coconut will find a place for themselves in our dietary system throughout the year.

Tropical Fruit

Tropical fruits have many different properties which are beneficial to health. While some of these tropical fruits with their fibrous structures assist in weight loss, some of them are good for stomach and intestinal problems.

Oats, the Health Tonic!

The probiotic found in yogurt is very rich in good bacteria. Yogurt also assists in weight control with its high proportion of calcium. If you have the opportunity, ferment your own yogurt using yogurts rich in probiotic bacteria. Crushed oats, besides being a very healthy food, are a wonderful source of fibre. They improve the immune system, help lower the blood cholesterol level and protect you against cardiovascular disease.

More Legumes

Legumes satisfy both our eyes and our stomachs with their high protein and fibre content. We will be consuming them not only in stews but will be adding them boiled to our salads. You had better start getting into the habit of first boiling legumes, putting them in jars, and keeping them in the fridge.