28/11/2021 22:21

Damat Tween's 35th-year manifest: Break the Mold

Combining the future of men's clothing in the equation of elegance, efficacy, and comfort, Damat Tween reshapes menswear in its 35th year. Damat Tween offers a contemporary lifestyle beyond genders with its collection that salutes the digital renaissance that shapes the international fashion industry.

2021-22 Fall / Winter collection invites you to create your own world and game zone today where change and breaking prejudice is inevitable.

Changing its perspective on the new rules of the day, area of interest, and excitement of the young generation Damat Tween makes new collaborations to reach new and young clientele with its 2021-22 Fall / Winter collection. It mirrors the reality inspired by social media apps surrounding us, digital illusions, groundbreaking designs, and future-oriented production, which is different but keeps us in the loop.

Having diversity as a focal point 2021-22 Fall / Winter collection interconnects elegance and efficacy, comfort and timelessness, and traditional and futuristic. This season comfy oversized outerwear and knitted sports group come with a ""multi"", layered style.
Updated comfort cut suits are ageless, timeless, seasonless, and genderless. Updated with the inspiration of menswear, ""basic"" items are designed with a contemporary style aim to offer different clothing habits to women too. Fabrics that are traditionally gendered are being reinterpreted.
Tobacco and cookie tones are combined with black and anthracite to offer a dynamic and avant-garde look. In calmer tones, matt whites, beiges, and cloud blues appear in tricot and knitted items. Glossy-finished indigo and burnt orange tones, hunter khaki, celebrate the return to the city and “life” with more “regenerated” and techno fabrics. It also interprets the pieces that shine out with techno fabric and an innovative tailoring approach in a free-spirited and fun way.
Freedom in fashion, timelessness, awareness, change, and digital
renaissance are the keywords of the vision that Damat Tween will highlight as of the 2021 Fall/Winter season